Embark on a unique journey with an elevated lifestyle at COUNTY 107. An expansive aerial walkway gracefully winds its way through the entire project, linking diverse locations. Serving as a central nervous system, it weaves in and out of County towers’ lobbies and outdoor landscapes. Dotted with specially designated activity zones, COUNTY 107 proudly claims the title of India’s first housing project with an ‘Elevated Walkway.’

How about a leisurely stroll without any specific agenda, from dawn till dusk, meandering in and out? Let’s truly live in the moment.

Ready to embrace an Elevated lifestyle? COUNTY 107’s aerial walkway brings you intimately close to nature in the heart of the urban jungle. Imagine feeling like a hiker walking at heights, surrounded by nature’s vibrant colors – lush greens and calming blues of water. The delightful sounds of chirping birds and gentle waterfalls envelop your walk, creating a serene experience. And don’t worry, we blend urban comfort seamlessly into your hiking adventure. Discover spaces for yoga, take a refreshing run, explore customized kiosks, marvel at outdoor art installations, and be captivated by colorful LED lighting and mural decorations. Our aim is to provide an oasis of tranquility within the city, leaving you refreshed from within.